Getting Started

Interested in working with us? Here's how to become a client.

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Step 1: Client Intake and Conflict Search

Basic Information Intake

The Law Society of Ontario requires us to collect certain information from our clients, such as address and occupation. We will send you a link to an electronic intake form (in advance of the meeting). Or, you can complete it before contacting us by clicking here. The intake form does not request confidential information about your case.

Conflict Search

Before obtaining  confidential information from you, we need to ensure we do not have a conflict of interest. We will therefore ask you to send us the names of people involved in the matter.

  • For third party reproduction, we will need the names of intended parent(s), surrogate/donor(s) and partners of surrogate/donor(s)
  • For disputes with health care organizations, we will need the names of the institution and health care providers directly involved in the issue
  • For matters involving substitute decision-making, we will need the name of the "incapable person" and that person's spouse, child(ren), parents, and their attorney(s) and/or guardian(s), if any
Step 2: Schedule a Meeting

We meet clients in person, over the phone and using the video-conference technology of your choice.

If you wish to schedule a phone/video meeting, we will send you a Retainer Agreement to sign (electronically of course!) in advance of the meeting.

We will send you a calendar link you can use to book a meeting at your convenience.

Payment may be required prior to the meeting.

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Download Welcome Package
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