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Client Testimonials

A summary of honest reviews and feedbacks from the people we've helped

  • “You’ve made my life liveable”
  • “Thank you very much for your help and excellent professional service… I am very happy with the outcome, you made this whole [guardianship application] process run smoothly. I can’t thank you enough”.
  • “Your promptness and professionalism are commendable”
  • “Lisa made us feel that she respected and honoured our decisions and the family that we were planning to create. We always felt that she was supporting and helping to safeguard our choices, rather than approaching them primarily as a risk…Most significantly for us, Lisa celebrated our family and seemed genuinely happy to play a role in supporting it. She congratulated us and even gave us a gift when our daughters were born. She acknowledged the significance of the adoption when it was finalized. And we were surprised to receive a card from her on our daughters’ first birthday”
  • “Thank you for everything – even with the numerous obstacles that occasionally came up, you made this process an easy one and for that we are appreciative. Your professionalism, thoroughness and follow up from day one is commendable – you rock!”
  • “Lisa was receptive to our concerns about budget and was willing to work with us on keeping costs reasonable”
  • We felt you were very professional, knowledgeable and timely with all of your work and would certainly recommend you to others”
  • “Lisa, thank you for the OUTSTANDING job”
  • I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for all you did to help in my battle to get the necessary mental health and addiction treatment for my daughter...  Your knowledge and especially your fast action lead to some really positive results
    in the end I am pleased to report that my daughter is doing quite well now and actually greatly benefited from the treatment... The best part is she is herself again and is happy to have a clear head for the first time in a long time. This is a much better outcome than I could have hoped for after years of
    ups and downs and at times pure and absolute hell.  I just wanted to share this bit of positive news with you and thank you again for your very important part in it...  I could only speak volumes about you and the types of legal services you provide and will surely recommend you to anyone I know who may
    need them. 
  • “Thank you so very much Lisa I don’t think we would be in the same position if not for your great help in this matter!!!”
  • “Lisa was invaluable in helping us through a difficult time. She walked us through the process and made it easy for us to understand in laymen terms what we needed to accomplish for my brother. She showed compassion and understanding of the delicate issue our family was facing. We would highly recommend Lisa to anyone needing legal help in the area of “Consent and Capacity Law.”
  • Your advice has already proven itself as my dealings with CCAC this week have gone perfectly. I feel confident going forward now, and wish to express gratitude for the wisdom you imparted. I expect in the near future to contact you again with related matters, particularly regarding capacity and power of attorney.”
  • “Lisa Feldstein is an exceptionally professional, intelligent, hard-working lawyer who guided me diligently and effectively with my legal matter. Her broad knowledge of law coupled with her background in psychology were exceedingly beneficial to my case and helped me succeed and achieve results that surpassed my expectations. Lisa is passionate about law and helping others. She is trustworthy, sincere, hard-working, approachable and intuitive. Her costs were very fair and she always responded  quickly and efficiently.  I will recommend Lisa Feldstein for legal matters to all of my family and friends. Thank you, Lisa. You are absolutely wonderful.”
  • “I can’t express what I am feeling right now…just wish to say ‘thank you from bottom of our hearts’. You came through as an angel to our family. Without your help organizing and presenting the info, I am not sure where we would have ended.”
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