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If you need help with something not listed below, please get in touch. We may be able to assist. We're always striving to fill gaps and ensure everyone has access to health law advice.

Family Health Law

Legal healthcare advice for Families


  • We write letters and appear on your behalf at tribunals or in court. Our advocacy often involves complaints about health professionals and issues with health care organizations.
  • We can work with your budget and will provide legal coaching, behind-the-scenes advice, drafting assistance and other resources to empower you to advocate on your own.
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Birth Registrations and Certificates

  • We assist with birth registration matters that arise in the context of surrogacy, egg or sperm donation, and adoption.
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Consent & Capacity / Mental Health Law

  • We provide advice about how to get your loved one treated, who makes decisions for an incapable person, and much more. We  represent  families at the Consent and Capacity Board.
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    End of Life Law

    • We provide advice and advocacy in end of life matters, including cases about withdrawal of life support, assisted death and Consent and Capacity Board hearings.
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    Elder Law

    • We assist with legal issues involving older adults. This includes advising on advance care planning, hospital discharge, substitute decision-making, home care, long-term care, and retirement homes. We are also available to mediate elder law disputes.
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    • We help family members become the decision-makers for their loved ones.
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    • We help clients apply for out-of-country funding approvals from the government. Where necessary, we appeal OHIP's decisions for our clients and represent them at the Health Services Appeal and Review Board.
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    Powers of Attorney

    • We draft powers of attorney for property and personal care. We also provide advice about tricky situations involving powers of attorney. Sometimes we represent clients in court when situations cannot be resolved in any other way.
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    Privacy & Access to

    • We help family members determine what rights they have to access health records.
    • We provide advice about privacy law.
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    Reproductive Law

    • We provide advice about fertility law and draft agreements for people pursuing third party reproduction (such as surrogacy and donor agreements). We ensure the correct persons are named on the birth certificate.
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    We understand that each case is unique, so if you need help in areas
    not listed above, we would love to hear more about it.

    Surrogates, Donors
    and  Intended Parents

    Reproductive law (sometimes called fertility law or surrogacy law) is a complex area of law that governs assisted human reproduction. There are numerous gaps in the legislation and few Canadian cases have been decided by the courts. Further, there are significant penalties for violating the laws that do exist. Legal advice is absolutely essential in all cases involving surrogates or known donors.

    If you are planning on pursuing surrogacy, we suggest reading through our FAQ's section that answers common questions you may have about the process.

    FREE PDF:   Beginner's Guide to Surrogacy Law
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    So What Exactly is Family Health Law™?

    From before birth until after death, we interact with the health care system. Not just as patients, but as family members. We use a donor if our partner is infertile or our spouse happens to be the same sex. We make medical decisions on behalf of our children, siblings or parents. We seek help when a loved one is suffering from a mental illness and refuses to get help. And we make decisions at the end of life, such as whether to withdraw life-sustaining treatment or donate a relative’s organs. All of these decisions have legal implications that dictate our rights, responsibilities and options. Sometimes the laws are

    voluminous, other times they are non-existent. In most cases, they are difficult to find and understand.

    Family Health Law™ is a niche area of health law that focuses on the role of the family member as caregiver, decision-maker and advocate. We help our clients understand and navigate legal issues in the health care system. We draft agreements, provide legal advice, and advocate for clients.