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Outside the Greater Toronto Area? Or just hate the commute?

Read on to learn why it's easy to work with us!

We're Accessible

We get it – attending a law firm in Markham, Ontario
in the middle of the day is not always possible. You may live too
far away, have a disability that makes travel challenging, or 
you just can't take another day off work. Not to worry. We provide services to clients
all around the world. If you are a caregiver and you need to bring a family member along to the office, that’s fine too. We have magazines, age-appropriate
colouring books and (sometimes) even ice cream. We are family friendly
and wheelchair accessible. Our washrooms are gender neutral.

We're Tech Saavy... sort of

I am the first to admit I can't code and sometimes I struggle to turn on the TV. But I have figured out how to leverage technology to make it easy to work with us. Here's some examples:
  • We meet clients using Skype and other video technology
  • We speak with clients during our “off” hours to accommodate different timezones and work schedules
  • We accept electronic signatures on our retainer agreements
  • We accept payment by e-transfer and credit card
  • We send invoices to your inbox, not your mailbox
  • We correspond using the method most convenient for you (including text messages)
  • We do not charge for long-distance calls within Canada
  • We send documents to clients using e-mail or cloud-based software
  • We don't expect you to have a fax machine or cheque book