Services for Lawyers

Lisa Feldstein is happy to help other lawyers in her capacity as a lawyer or a law firm business advisor.

Health & Fertility Law Consulting

Supporting lawyers with behind-the-scenes help on files outside their comfort zone

Caregiver Law

Consent & Capacity / Mental Health Law

  • We provide advice about how to get your loved one treated, who makes decisions for an incapable person, powers of attorney, and much more. We represent  families at the Consent and Capacity Board.

    End of Life Law

    • We provide advice and advocacy in end of life matters, including cases about withdrawal of life support, assisted death and Consent and Capacity Board hearings.

    Elder Law

    • We assist with legal issues involving older adults. This includes advising on advance care planning, powers of attorney, hospital discharge, substitute decision-making, home care, long-term care, and retirement homes. We are also available to mediate elder law disputes.


    • We help family members become the decision-makers for their loved ones.

    Reproductive Law

    • We provide advice about fertility law and draft agreements for people pursuing third party reproduction (such as surrogacy and donor agreements). We ensure the correct persons are named on the birth certificate.
    We understand that each case is unique, so if you need help in areas
    not listed above, we would love to hear more about it.
    Just email if you are interested in working with Lisa!

    Legal Tech & Business Consulting

    Lisa Feldstein is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping other lawyers with their businesses. She created a new area of law called Family Health Law™. She offers online courses through Kinkeeper™. She creates her own automations and regularly presents to lawyers on all aspects of running a business - trust accounts, client services, branding, legal tech, and more. Her website was recognized by Lawyerist as a Best Law Firm Website of 2021. And she is ready to help you!