Elder Law
Helping you care for your loved one
Elder law is a broad and evolving area of law that encompasses a variety of legal issues facing seniors and their families. It is sometimes said that “elder law” is not a distinct area of law, but simply a conglomerate of areas as they relate to older adults.

How can we help?

At Lisa Feldstein Law Office our elder law practice is focused on providing advice to family caregivers with questions or concerns about access to health services, long-term care and retirement homes, and financial and personal decision-making on behalf of a loved one. This encompasses legal issues involving powers of attorney, guardianship, home care, and more.

We strive to find resolutions that do not involve going to court because (1) court is expensive, (2) it can take months or years to get a decision, and (3) judges are limited in what they can order. We can often achieve better and more creative options through negotiation and mediation. However, we will zealously advocate for you if litigation cannot be avoided or is the best option in the circumstances.

We manage relationships

Elder law cases frequently involve fighting with family members. It can be painful to have a legal dispute where your parent or sibling is the other party. Often parents shy away from the case because they just want everyone to get along. Sometimes elder law disputes can lead to the formation of "sides" within a family. Where a care facility is involved, it can lead to tension with staff.We are skilled at walking the fine line between advocacy and relationship management. We do not lose sight of who the other parties are and that you want to have a relationship in the long-term despite the lawsuit. If possible, we remain in the background to avoid creating unnecessary conflict or making anyone feel defensive. We can review your drafts, write letters under your name, and prepare you to take steps on your own.

We advise and advocate

We can meet you and your family, identify the problem, and understand your goals. We provide legal advice about your rights and options moving forward. Where requested, we advocate directly on your behalf with care providers or other relatives. Our goal is to find practical, simple, and cost-effective solutions.

We make it easy to work with us

We can work with your budget and will provide legal coaching, behind-the-scenes advice, drafting assistance and other resources to empower you to advocate on your own. We can also do everything remotely so you don't have to leave your loved one home alone.
Just talk to us

It’s easier than you think...

Many of our clients come in for a single meeting to ensure they understand the law and feel empowered to move forward.

I’m Lisa Feldstein.

I am a health lawyer in Ontario and an Adjunct Professor at York University (I teach Health Care Law). My practice has been focused on family caregivers since 2013. Before that, I was a lawyer for the health sector. I do A LOT of public speaking and publishing. You can read more about that here. Want to hear me speak about consent and capacity law? Watch a video here.
I am also joined by a wonderful colleague Priya Somascanthan; you can read more about her here.
I I have been widely published and interviewed in the media on topics related to elder law including an interview with Ben Mulroney on CTV's Your Morning discussing the long-term care inquiry in Ontario.
Lisa has been widely published and interviewed in the media, including in the Canadian Journal of Family Law, CTV, and the National Post.The feedback Lisa most loves hearing from clients is that she made the process feel simple.

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