Home Care

Ontario provides free home care services through Local Health Integration Networks "LHINs" which are regulated by legislation. There are 14 LHIN sthroughout the province, contracting out services to various independent agencies.

Home care services can include services by regulated health professionals, such as nurses and occupational therapists; assistance from personal support workers for tasks such as bathing or dressing; and home-making services such as laundry and shopping. There are also private organizations in the province that provide home care for a fee.

It is up to each LHIN to make decisions about eligibility and the care an individual will receive. At times a person may be unable to receive all of the requested services or may be removed from the program.

The law imposes certain limitations on home care, such as the number of hours a certain service may be received on a weekly basis.

Families may have concerns about:

  • a decision not to provide a loved one with a particular service
  • the quality of service
  • inadeuquate hygiene
  • reduction in hours
  • modification of services
  • violation of rights

Our services include the following:

  • negotiating with the LHIN on your behalf to address your concerns
  • providing you with advice about the legislation applicable to home care and LHINs
  • representing you in a complaint or appeal