Long-Term Care / Retirement Homes

Many long-term care homes are under-funded and struggle to comply with their numerous obligations. Unfortunately for their residents, this can result in poor service and neglect.

We provide advice to residents and their family members to navigate these legal situations. With the shortage of long-term care beds available, residents are generally limited as to where they can go if they are displeased with the existing arrangement. We explain the legal context, provide you with your options and negotiate on your behalf. We also provide “behind the scenes” advice where the involvement of a lawyer would introduce unnecessary complications. Where necessary, we can assist you to file formal complaints.

We understand the importance of relationships and that an adversarial approach is not necessarily the best strategy when interacting with a loved one’s caregivers.

In addition to difficulties with a nursing home, family members may struggle to reach agreement with their siblings about the kind of care or facility that is best for their parent. If you are constantly struggling to reach agreement with your family or others with decision-making powers, we can help you attempt to become the sole substitute decision-maker for your parent or relative so that you alone can make decisions on your loved one’s behalf. Similarly, we can represent you at the Consent and Capacity Board in other matters in which you may be involved as a party or witness in relation to a loved one’s care.