Having health insurance is incredibly important. Without health insurance, individuals can face bills in the tens of thousand of dollars.

Ontario's Health Insurance Act is very complicated and the government upholds the law in a very strict manner.

We help clients in a variety of situations involving the Ontario Health Insurance Plan ("OHIP").

We have helped clients who required emergency surgery outside of Canada to receive full reimbursement from OHIP. We have helped Canadians who were billed by hospitals to negotiate their invoices. We have also helped clients appeal OHIP's decisions to the Health Services and Appeal Review Board.

In all cases involving OHIP it is essential to seek legal advice as early as possible. The people in the government who make decisions about OHIP funding are bound by the law and often cannot be flexible, even when there are compassionate grounds. It is important to build your appeal around the law rather than the sympathetic facts of your case. Having a lawyer involved at an early stage can save you from making irreversible mistakes.