Can Donors Decline Reimbursements?

Once in a while a client who is donating eggs to a friend or relative has asked us, do I have to accept the reimbursements? They aren't sure if refusing to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses could somehow affect the legality of the agreement.

For clarity, reimbursement does NOT mean payment. Reimbursement refers to being paid back for costs the donor might incur, such as gas, parking and childcare (if she needs to hire a babysitter while she attends medical appointments).

The short answer is YES, donors can absolutely decline reimbursements. However, we do encourage donors to reflect on their financial circumstances and their relationship with the intended parents. Sometimes donors feel guilty accepting reimbursements when they know the intended parents are spending so much money on fertility treatments. However, donors are entitled to be paid back and are never expected to personally subsidize the donation.

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