Canadian Infertility Awareness Week 2018 PSA

Today is the first day of Canadian Infertility Awareness Week 2018. To those who are struggling, you are not alone.

To those who are not experiencing challenges becoming a parent, it is easy to take fertility for granted. For those of us who can get pregnant without drugs, needles, and numerous doctor appointments, we are oblivious to what 1 in 6 couples go through. We don’t realize that sharing our pregnancy announcements, baby bumps and children on social media can cause our friends to feel constantly upset (and that we are the collective reason they may shut down their accounts altogether). We fail to appreciate that our very common questions – when are you having a kid (or another)? – can be painful to someone who is going through IVF or recently lost a pregnancy. 

Most of us will never be surrogates or egg/sperm donors to help someone else achieve their dream of parenthood, but all of us can become more educated. We can, hopefully, make small changes to at least be less inadvertently offensive and more deliberately supportive.

To learn more, please read some of the #1in6 stories. Here’s one that really captures the journey and heartache of infertility:

And for anyone considering becoming a surrogate or gamete donor, please get in touch. It would be our pleasure to help you make someone else’s dream come true!

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