National Caregiver Day

Today is National Caregiver Day. At Lisa Feldstein Law Office, we interact with caregivers all the time. They constantly impress us with the knowledge they’ve acquired, the sacrifices they make, and the balancing acts they perform. They are not always heard by health professionals. They are not always thanked by their loved ones. But they are the invisible backbone of our health care system. So cheers to the caregivers! You are amazing! And YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

And on that note, the Ontario government has just announced a new agency called the Ontario Caregiver Organization. It is not entirely clear what services will be provided, but the Chair Janet Beed provided a welcome message stating that they will be “engaging caregivers and organizations serving them over the coming months as we develop priorities and plan programs”. If you would like to contribute to the development of this organization, stay tuned! We will share updates via this blog and our Facebook pageas we learn more.

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