A new bill, Bill C-318, "An Act to amend the Employment Insurance Act and the Canada Labour Code (adoptive and intended parents)", has been proposed to provide additional support for adoptive and intended parents in Canada. These changes aim to address the intricate emotional and practical aspects of bonding with children, whether through adoption or surrogacy.

Currently people who becomes parents through surrogacy or adoption are entitled to "parental leave" but not "pregnancy leave" which means they actually get less protected time off work compared to parents who gestate their own children.

One of the most significant changes proposed in the bill is the extension of leave available to parents who adopt or have a child through surrogacy. The Canadian government acknowledges that these parents may require more time to nurture the delicate process of attachment.

The bill would also extend the benefit period for parents whose children require hospitalization during the initial adoption or surrogacy period.

If you want to play a role in helping this bill make it to the finish line, reach out to your MP to show your support.

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