Why Family Health Law™?

Under the Services page we have a description of what we consider to be Family Health Law™. However, for our first blog post, we thought it might be useful to explain the background of how this firm came to be and why we decided to specialize in this area.

The law can be very positional. There is often a plaintiff and defendant, winner and loser, right and wrong. The same can be true in health law; legal disputes can involve a patient against doctor, doctor against hospital or hospital against the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. This is not to say that there is necessarily a right and wrong party in each case or that the best interests of the patient are not at the forefront, but rather, that the positions do not always align. In many instances, there are several opinions and points of view that need to be represented.

There are firms that advocate specifically for patient rights. There are in-house and external counsel who do wonderful work advising institutional clients. There are lawyers who specialize in serving clinicians such as physicians, dentists and nurses. There are effective social justice firms that strive to make changes in the health sector. But there is no one firm or practice to our knowledge that is dedicated solely to the interests of the family members.

From this realization, Lisa Feldstein Law Office Professional Corporation was formed.

Our mission is to serve family members – people trying to build families, people trying to support family members seeking health care, and people trying to find certainty in uncertain times. Many interactions with the health care system are stressful and, for some people, these experiences represent the worst moments in a person’s life. However, we sometimes forget that the family members are suffering too. Our goal is to take away the worrying with respect to the law. We explain it to you and use it to help you wherever possible. We rely on our mediation and negotiation training to avoid damaging relationships while striving to achieve your goals. We are accessible, compassionate and persistent. We understand the expense and the time commitment of being an advocate or caregiver, or trying to have a baby with the assistance of a fertility clinic. For this reason, we offer flexible office hours and focus on resolving clients’ issues in a timely manner. And we’ve worked in and for the health sector for several years, so we have a good understanding of the context in which you are operating. We leverage our knowledge and experiences to serve you to the best of our abilities.

We hope that this provides you with a greater understanding of the background of the firm and the philosophy of Family Health Law™. Please Contact Us or tweet us (@lisafeldstein) to share what Family Health Law™ means to you.

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