Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations

We've been getting lots of questions about Health Canada's new regulations relating to donating genetic material. In summary, the new laws relate to the safety of sperm and egg donations. In the past there have been laws about sperm (importing, screening, lab controls, etc.), but no similar laws about eggs.

Health Canada has updated the Assisted Human Reproduction Act so that not only are eggs now regulated under the law, but there is more guidance about how to protect the health of children being born using donated sperm/eggs and the women who will be carrying these children.

Lawyers aside, most people do not want to read the actual laws. And full disclosure: these new regulations are actually quite confusing.  Fortunately, Health Canada has created a guidance document explaining the changes and providing some interpretation.

Here it is:

It doesn't have all the answers, but for those looking to learn more it's a great place to start.

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